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End Conflict. End Poverty. Invest in Education.

For all those who understand that education is an essential right and that all children must go to school and who want to be part of helping us break the cycles of poverty, please donate to a cause that can really make a difference.

How can you make a difference?

Rs.2500… One child’s uniform and shoes for a year

Rs.12,000… Tuition cost for one child for a year

Rs.25,000… Mothers Fund: Start-up capital and vocational training for female family members

Rs.30,000… Desks and chairs for one classroom

Rs.50,000… Shoes and uniforms for a class of 20

Rs.60,000… Sponsors one child from grade 1 – 5

Rs.200,000… Sponsors a classroom for one year

To donate, please use the following information:

MCB Bank Ltd. Islamabad

Account Number:

Account Title:
Moqah Foundation

Current Account

Pak Rupees

I-8 Branch (Branch Code -1501)


Swift code


If you have any queries regarding our organization, our fund management policy, or the project itself, please come visit our SUKH( Social Uplift for Knowledge and Health) schools

0300 9553718
0322 5065918

SUKH School BK Branch

Mohallah Nain Sukh , near Simli Dam Chowk

Barakahu, Islamabad

SUKH School SKP Branch

17 Km Sheikhpura Road

Gujjar Town Mominpura

Tehsil Ferozwala

Our Valued Donors

Abdur Rehman
Faisal Nasir
Kadir Adam
Ziaur Rehman
Zafar Ali
Faisal Anwar
Rasheel Rana
Raza Akhtar
Mahjabeen Sabhi
Mian Mansha
Shamoon Sultan
Umar Aziz
Uzma Najam
Sabohi Ali
Salman Khan
Samia Tufail
Basharat Tufail
Sanaa Riaz
Bilal Nawaz
Neeshay Rabbani
Tahir Bashir
Shehzad Kiani
Yasmeen Ali
Syed Ahmed Abid
Farzana Rashid
Nuzhat Hafeez
Isphandyar Tajammal  Awan
Col. Aqeel
Sanaa Tarq
Sanaa Assaf
Noor Khattak
Asma Faisal
Hamza Kamal