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Fund raising event

Sunday Times hosted a fund raising event “Fashion for education” at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club to raise money for Moqah Foundation Schools. The event exhibited different products donated by top designers of the country at discounted prices, from high end clothing to cosmetics, carpets and rugs, paintings and furniture items. The sold out event raised millions to run the schools in BharaKahu and Kot Abdul Malik.


Sunday Times fundraiser receives massive response

By: Haider Ali

LAHORE: Sunday Times, the country’s leading fashion weekly, on Saturday hosted an event titled ‘Fashion for Education 2016’ at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club with an aim to raise funds for establishment of new schools in Pakistan.
The event exhibited different products donated by top designers of the country, at discounted rates, from high-end designer clothing to cosmetics, interior items, beauty products, art and more. A live sketching stall by NCA students was also set up on the occasion, much to the appreciation of visitors.
The event aimed to raise funds for esteemed charity Marshall Direct Fund, and their efforts to build and run schools in impoverished areas of Pakistan.
After a sold out event attended by scores of shoppers, Fashion For Education 2016 raised millions and was deemed a huge success.

Omar Ahmad who has been an avid runner organized a marathon to raise funds for the Moqah schools. In his words, ‘As a child growing up in Pakistan, I witnessed the stark inequality that is prevalent in developing countries across the world. While I got to go to school, watch cartoons, dress up for Halloween, indulge in sugary treats (much to my parents’ chagrin, I am sure) and enjoy the perks of a normal childhood, I saw children — no different than me — living in slums, wearing tattered clothing, begging for food and having no opportunity for an education and a better life.  MF has set up schools in rural Pakistan to help end this cycle of poverty by providing free education for vulnerable youth — with an emphasis on girls’ education. Additionally, MF operates vocational training centers for women in impoverished communities to help them start successful businesses, generate income and become financially independent.”